About Waves Music Co.

Waves Music Co. aims to produce a highly competent, slightly eccentric breed of Musician. One that is Capable of Developing a style of playing that is both professional and original, echoing on through future generations. 

Music Lessons


(Torquay/Point Cook studio)

We offer music lessons for Guitar/bass, Drums, Keyboard and Vocals.

It is our aim to teach students the importance of originality and persistence when it comes to the music industry. We set out to develop these traits by moving at a comfortable learning pace, paying respect to the unique patterns in which each student listens, acknowledges and understands.

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Rehearsal Studio


(Torquay studio)

Our Rehearsal studio's are fit with professional soundproofing materials, giving local musicians the flexibility to flick their Volume pots way up to 'My Bloody Valentine' loud. What's even better than that, is the Location. If that Rock-wool insulation doesn't stop those reckless frequency's dead in their tracks, the fact that Waves Music is situated in the Industrial estate of Torquay means that you will never have to deal with anyone complaining about the racket.

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Boutique Music Store


(Torquay studio)

When it comes to Music stores we like them kept small and interesting, a bit like a Sherbet bomb.

Stocking only the finest instruments and accessories, we feel more at home with a few Cole Clarke acoustics on the wall and some fresh cut 'Mogami' for our intellectual shredders. Ernie ball electric guitar strings and Elixir nano web acoustic strings hanging close by. Who needs all of that extra noise just sitting there on the shelves? I mean if you buy a guitar lead from us, we want you to be using that same piece of sonic liquorice long after Kevin Parker makes it down to the old folks home.

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