At 'Waves' our students have the freedom to choose the music that they want to learn, they also have the flexibility to move at a pace that feels comfortable to them.

Our interests lie in providing you with the tools necessary to understand the fundamental basics used in all styles and genre's of music. Once you can understand the language that musicians use to create with, you begin to expand your appreciation and knowledge for music in general. This approach to learning and creating music will condition you into becoming more of an open minded musician. A musician that not only knows how to play their favourite styles of music, but one that is able to communicate and collaborate with a wide range of artists and producers alike.
At Waves we thrive on character and originality. It is our job to work out the sonic wave you want to create, and to equip you with the tools necessary see it through to fruition.
Every Waves Music student starts their journey with an introductory lesson. This time is designed for you to get a feel for the lessons and to become familiar with your teacher. A time for us to find out about your sonic palette, future goals and to find what it is that you want to achieve with your playing.