Our Rehearsal spaces are fit with professional soundproofing materials, giving local musicians the flexibility to flick their Volume pots way up to 'My Bloody Valentine' loud.

What's even better than that is the Location. If that Rock-wool insulation doesn't stop those reckless frequency's dead in their tracks, the fact that Waves Music is situated in Surf City, Torquay means that you will never have to deal with anyone complaining about the racket. All of the local Surf stores shut around 5pm.


Rehearsal sessions are scheduled in 4-hour blocks, between the hours of 5pm and 2am.

7 Days - 5pm-2am
$50 Flat Rate.

- P.A, Drum Kit and Microphones included

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Note: Late cancellation less than 48 hours before session, will incur $50 late fee.